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Meet Our fairlife Grant Winners: The Green Lots Project

In January of 2018, we awarded $2500 grants to 5 deserving Chicagoland organizations tackling problems of food access, insecurity, and sustainability. We’re proud to share their stories and support the incredible work they are doing for their communities.

The Green Lots Project

The Green Lots Project serves the community of Roseland with their food forest garden, a community farm that leverages native plants, perennials, and fruit trees to provide fresh food to the neighborhood. The group has been around for 10 years, relying of donations and volunteers from the community. The garden is a community resource from which anyone can harvest freely. Pancho McFarland manages the garden, working in it 5 days a week and providing tours and education about indigenous and African-American agrarian knowledge.

The fairlife Grant is being used to build water catchment systems in the garden to help with water access problems. They aim to be able to collect 2500 to 3000 gallons of rain water to support the plants.

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