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better care for animals

Caring for animals is a top priority at fairlife, and it all begins with strong relationships with supplying farms. Our robust animal welfare program is led by a full-time, on-staff veterinarian and combines industry leading standards with regular audits, strong oversight and the expertise of a third-party Animal Advisory Council consisting of leading experts in the dairy industry.


Investing in Animal Care

From growing our internal animal welfare team, to leveraging industry expertise and exploring innovations in animal care, we work closely with supplying farms to ensure great care for the cows that provide us with milk.

$40M+ Investment

in our animal welfare program since 2019

Full-time Staff Veterinarian

with more than 12 years of specialized experience in cow care

fairlife Animal Welfare Advisory Council

includes 6 of the leading experts in the dairy and animal health industry


Animal Welfare Advisory Council

fairlife’s Animal Welfare Advisory Council consists of 6 of the top experts in the dairy and animal health industry. Together this group works with fairlife to review on-going animal welfare programs and guide advancement and improvement to our animal welfare program based on new research and learnings.


Industry Leading Animal Welfare Standards

Our goal is that all cows and calves are provided with the best care possible. As a dairy processor that doesn’t own farms or cows, we rely on the partnership of industry experts, advisors and our network of supplying farms to help us achieve this goal. We are committed to continuously evaluating our animal welfare program for areas of opportunity.


of supplying farms passed critical care standards in 2022 

Regular Audits

performed at all supplying dairies each year

Leading Certification

such as National Dairy FARM program and Validus is required at all supplying farms.

Strong Farm Partnerships

Working with suppliers that share our commitment to great animal care and sustainable farming is critical to our program. Equally as important is staying up to date on industry research, innovative technologies and on-farm protocols and resources to help advance our efforts and help our programs succeed.


Supplier Selection

We only work with farms committed to delivering the highest quality milk. This starts with meeting our strict quality standards, which is a reflection of animal health and hygiene, on-farm cleaning procedures and employee training. Additionally, we require farms to chill their milk immediately after harvest to preserve the quality.

All farms that supply to fairlife:

FARM Program

Supplying dairies must participate in the Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) program

Regular Audits

Supplying dairies must participate in regular audits conducted by a certified 3rd-party organization

Zero Tolerance Policy

Supplying dairies are required to have signed Cow Care agreements with all employees and a zero-tolerance policy for animal abuse


Standards and Oversight

fairlife has a robust set of animal welfare standards and requirements for supplying farms. Beyond care, they also include requirements for on-farm worker care, biosecurity and environmental standards.

Audit Cadence

Supplying farms to fairlife are audited more frequently than the cadence required by industry standards.

Addressing Issues

More frequent audits help to identify any issues and quickly take corrective action, when needed. Additionally, it helps reinforce a culture of transparency among supplying farms and their employees.   

Leveraging Technology

We work with our partners to invest in camera monitoring and scaling AI technology for additional oversight. We believe in the future of on-farm camera monitoring, as it can move beyond the cow-human interaction to help farmers in other areas such as feed management, health surveillance and milking parlor analytics. 

Enforcing the Requirements of Strong Animal Care

As a dairy processor that doesn’t own farms and cows, we make continued investments and take significant measures in our animal welfare program, farm partnerships and ability to oversee actions on farm. 

In addition to regular 3rd-party audits, we also have regular site visits performed by our fairlife Animal Welfare team members. All findings – large and small – are investigated and timely corrective actions are taken.  

Our goal is always that all cows and calves are provided with the best care possible. If you have feedback, we encourage you to share with us directly at [email protected] 

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