Students And Graduates

Hear From Our Team

Jacob Kubanek

Continuous Improvement Specialist (former Software Engineer Intern)


Being an intern at Fairlife has expanded my skill set due to the unique nature of the company. Fairlife is unique in that it’s pushing the industry forward, so there are challenges that arise that require new solutions. I enjoy working at Fairlife because everyone comes together to reach goals and lift each other up.

Ryan Chow

Sr. Financial Analyst (former Finance Intern)


I learned a lot of soft and hard skills in my internship, but the defining feature of the internship was the projects that I worked on. At the beginning of my internship, I was given a project in an area of the business that needed support. By the end, I created a new tool that was used by the sales team even after the internship ended. Interning at fairlife really showed me that I could be valuable team member right from the get-go.