Students And Graduates

Internship Program Overview

The goal of the fairlife Internship Program is to provide college students in relevant fields with the opportunity to work closely with
company leadership and get hands-on experience in their desired field. Each internship lasts approximately 10 to 12 weeks over the summer.

Internships are available based on business need in the areas of Engineering, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Finance, Accounting,
Marketing, Commercialization, Research & Development, Quality, and Packaging. Internships vary annually based on business need.




Relevant degree to the position applying for. Some majors considered are Engineering, Supply Chain, Human Resources Management, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Communications, Data Analytics, Food Science, Chemistry, etc.


  • Previous internship experience suggested, but not required
  • Sophomore or Junior status preferred


  • Chicago, IL
  • Goodyear, AZ
  • Coopersville, MI


  • Passion for fairlife & its brands!
  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Critical Thinking

Intern Hiring Process

Internships posted end of August/ early September

Lead recruiter & hiring manager review resumes

Selected candidates phone screen with lead recruiter

Selected candidates participate in virtual interview with hiring manager & team

Final candidate to receive offer

Operations Management Trainee Rotational Program

The goal of the fairlife Operations Management Trainee Rotational Program is to provide trainees with four critical operations
experiences over a two-year period in supply chain, engineering, and operations, to prepare for future operations leadership positions



  • Operations, Engineering, Supply Chain, or relevant major
  • GPA: 3.0 or above


  • Manufacturing internship experience


  • Goodyear, AZ
  • Coopersville, MI
  • Post-program: One of above locations or new plant opening in Webster, NY in 2025


  • Passion for manufacturing
  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Critical Thinking
  • Leadership capabilities

Sample Program Logistics



Coopersville, MI

Manufacturing Engineering


Processing or Packaging Supervisor


Goodyear, AZ

Continuous Improvement


Material Planning

*Example rotations are not guaranteed. Starting location may vary.

Operations Management Training Hiring Process

Operations Management Trainee role posted end of August/early September

Lead recruiter & hiring manager review resumes

Selected candidates phone screen with lead recruiter

Virtual interview with hiring manager

Virtual interview with panel team

Final interview with top candidates

Offer Extended to final candidate(s)

Post offer, site visit to Coopersville or Goodyear plant in Spring before program starts

Program begins early July

Hear From Our Team

Jacob Kubanek

Continuous Improvement Specialist (former Software Engineer Intern)


Being an intern at Fairlife has expanded my skill set due to the unique nature of the company. Fairlife is unique in that it’s pushing the industry forward, so there are challenges that arise that require new solutions. I enjoy working at Fairlife because everyone comes together to reach goals and lift each other up.

Ainsley Jessup

Supplier Quality Intern

The people here really want you to excel in all facets of life. The "Believe in Better" motto is really embodied and embraced by everyone here.

Ryan Chow

Sr. Financial Analyst (former Finance Intern)


I learned a lot of soft and hard skills in my internship, but the defining feature of the internship was the projects that I worked on. At the beginning of my internship, I was given a project in an area of the business that needed support. By the end, I created a new tool that was used by the sales team even after the internship ended. Interning at fairlife really showed me that I could be valuable team member right from the get-go.

Elissa David

Talent Aquisition Intern

As an intern at fairlife, I had the most incredible and transformative experience. From the start, I was welcomed into a supportive and collaborative environment, where I was given the opportunity to work on projects that had a meaningful impact on the company's goals. The resource groups such as Women's Linc & diversity and inclusion network has allowed me to feel empowered and encouraged throughout the entire internship.

Logan Marko

Operations Management Trainee

The culture, leadership, and career development of this program is second to none! The program allows me to make instant impact on the organization and move us closer to nourishing the modern world.

Lexi Rootberg

Shopper Marketing Intern

Everyone at fairlife is extremely welcoming, knowledgeable, and eager to help you learn and grow. fairlife invests heavily in celebrating its employees, which makes everyone feel valued and appreciated. As an intern, I have had the opportunity to take ownership of meaningful projects that make a tangible impact on the company.

Anna Jungels

Marketing Intern

My experience interning at fairlife has been inspirational, informative, and fun! I participated in both fun and educational events that fairlife hosted where I was able to grow my relationships with the other interns and the marketing team. fairlife has a very collaborative work environment which allowed me to openly ask questions and brainstorm new ideas to help create and inspire my individual assigned project.

Dina Graves

R&D Intern

I really enjoyed my internship at fairlife this summer! The company has an exciting 'start-up' culture, in that everyone is constantly innovating and looking to the future. I felt very welcomed by the Women's LINC network and supported by my managers in my time here.

Max Elloye

Supply Chain Intern

I worked with managers who went above and beyond to ensure I had the resources I needed for my projects, and were more than willing to find the answers to any question I held.