Upside Down Yoga

By Jennifer Fisher

Keep Your Head Down! The Benefits of Upside Down Yoga 

When someone mentions their world being turned upside down, it’s normally not a good thing. However, when it comes to yoga, inverted poses such as headstands, handstands, and forearm stands actually offer a huge variety of benefits.

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But if the thought of sticking your feet up in the air seems intimidating, there are plenty of easier inversion poses to get started with, like downward dog. In fact, any pose that places your head below your heart and your heart below your hips is considered an inversion. Whether you are experienced with inverted poses or just starting with the basics, the benefits should encourage you to make sure to add a few minutes of inversion practice to your daily sessions.

Top Benefits of Yoga Inversions

Get a Glow: Inverted poses boost circulation to the face, creating a healthy just-from-the-spa glow.

Get Strong: Performing headstands, handstands and most other inversion poses work your shoulders, upper back and core as they are continuously engaged in maintaining balance during the pose.

Get a Total Body Boost: Headstands and handstands increase blood flow to the brain, which is believed to improve cognition. These poses are also believed to stimulate glands that are in charge of the sleep-wake cycle.

Get More Confident: Tackling a new or challenging yoga inversion will send your self-esteem soaring.

Get a Better Outlook on Life: Turning upside-down automatically turns frowns into smiles!

Get Going: The gravitational pull of being upside stimulates digestive juices and gets things moving along through the gut.

Get Focused: Practicing yoga inversions teaches you how to tune out distractions. So listen and respond to your body’s feedback, and lock in on the task at hand.

Isn’t it time you added some inverted yoga poses into your life? Try them and let me know how you did!


The author, keeping her head down!

The author, keeping her head down!

WARNING: Use caution when doing headstands, inverted yoga, etc… Many people experience headaches or dizziness when trying these types of exercises, so by all means if you feel unstable or dizzy, give it a rest!

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