Leg Day WOW

By Cara Bednar

Don’t Forget Leg Day!

All athletes use their legs, but often we forget the importance of balance and independent leg strength. These 4 exercises will focus on balance, leg strengthening and power (one leg at a time!).

Leg Day WOW

Clipboard leg day wow flat


Here I demonstrate the basic moves for this Leg WOW


Do 15 reps of each, repeat the cycle 2 times (one for each side)

Recover with a cold Core Power high protein shake!


Cara Bednar is a long time Core Power fan and user, Core Power Crew Athlete, Member of Beantown Bootcamp, Loves and sells the City of Boston, shares a passion for running, being gluten free, and enjoying life! Follow Cara on TwitterFacebook, and on her Blog

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