"The moment it touched my lips and palate, I felt like I was in milk heaven."

My friend recently introduced me to fairlife milk products, claiming it to be unique. It caught my attention that the shelf life was so long, so I was skeptical, but he had explained the ultra-filtered process and what good it can do for both the milk and the body. I am a HUGE milk drinker. I drink anywhere from 1-2 gallons in a 3 day period; might even consider myself a milk connoisseur of sorts. I poured some of the fairlife Whole Milk into a glass, instantly recognizing the smooth pour and what happened next has kept me buying ONLY fairlife: The moment it touched my lips and palate, I felt like I was in milk heaven. The taste was so full, so clean, so filling, so extremely satisfying. I no longer drink 2 gallons of milk in a 3 day period. I savor the flavor of fairlife; I treat myself to it and reward myself with it. So I have gone from 4 gallons of par milk a week, to 3 Liters of fairlife. When i’m craving a treat, I indulge in the richness and pure flavor of fairlife Chocolate Milk. I have never left a review on any food product ever. But my body thanks you and the cows for bringing this little slice of heaven to me.

Kyle from Charleston, SC

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"I couldn't believe how creamy it was. A+ milk mustache material."

I have a four year old boy who would rather drink volcanic lava than milk as a rule. On a whim I decided to try fairlife. I like that the animals are treated humanely, and it didn’t hurt that my son liked the packaging (whatever works, right?). Although I personally keep to a vegan diet, I try all foods and drinks before I give it to my son, and I had to double check the package because for 2% milk, I couldn’t believe how creamy it was. A+ milk mustache material. I gave him some and HOLY COW (<– see what I did there?) he loved it. And wait for it: He. Asked. For. More. Once I regained consciousness from passing out due to disbelief and shock, I happily poured him some more. Great product, guys. No harsher critic than a four-year old, and you won mine over.

Madeleine from Weymouth, MA

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"I have never tasted milk like yours before."

I tried your milk for the first time when I was down in the Keys visiting my son and daughter in law. Wow! I have never tasted milk like yours before. It actually has flavor ! I can’t believe I’ve been drinking that other stuff all my life! I will never go back. Not only does your milk have more flavor, it has more protein and calcium and has less sugar! Great stuff!

Joan from Bremen, IN

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"Your product has changed my mind about milk completely."

Since I was little, I never really liked milk. It just always tasted bland to me. I saw your chocolate milk in the store one day and decided to give it a try. It was absolutely delicious. So smooth, rich and creamy, and lactose free on top of that. I also decided to give the 2% white milk a try as well; it was wonderful. I had never drunk such a sweet and creamy milk like yours. Your product has changed my mind about milk completely. I will continue to buy your product from now on. Thank you, fairlife, your product is awesome!!!!

Maria from Hopkins, SC

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"This is the best milk I have EVER tasted!"

My 75-year-old wife has been lactose intolerant her entire adult life. Her best options were basically: use the lactose free milk offered by that ‘other’ brand, or use the little tablets that other company markets when using regular milk. Either of these offered her some degree of milk freedom, but not always the satisfaction. She tried the other substitutes (almond, soy, etc.), but none were very appealing. Then we found Fairlife on the shelf of our local grocery. Despite being slightly more expensive, she wanted to give it a try. Her immediate response was, “This is the best milk I have EVER tasted!” Cost is no longer a factor in our purchasing decision. Thank you for your fine product.

Tom from Milpitas, CA

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"We recommend fairlife to anyone who will listen."

We switched to fairlife whole milk when my daughter was weaning from breastfeeding. We liked that it had less sugar, no lactose, more protein, and more calcium than the milk we were drinking before. Our kids LOVE it and we eventually stopped buying store brand 2% milk completely and just all drink fairlife whole milk and will not switch back.

My husband had also heard that chocolate milk is a good recovery drink after a hard workout so he started buying that for himself. The kids have to ask him before he lets them have any! We recommend fairlife to anyone who will listen. We love it.

Alexis from Marmora, NJ

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"It's how milk USED to taste when I was a kid."

I’m 65 years old and often lament “things don’t taste the way they used to.” Today my grocery was out of my usual brand of milk in single-serving containers, so I grabbed a bottle of fairlife. I immediately noticed the difference in flavor and realized it’s how milk USED to taste when I was a kid. I have a new favorite brand of milk. Thank you for your commitment to health and quality.

Faith from Harrisburg, PA

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"Thank you, fairlife, for giving me my favorite drink back!"

I am severely lactose intolerant, but I love milk and at times would suffer the consequences just to have a glass. I have tried several lactose free products, soy and almond milk, and they are awful. A coworker kept telling me to try fairlife and promised I wouldn’t find a difference in taste. She was wrong; it is 100 percent better than any regular milk I have ever had. I prefer skim and couldn’t believe how rich and creamy it tasted and without all the side effects that goes along with regular lactose milk. I will never ever go back. Thank you, fairlife, for giving me my favorite drink back!

Linda from Normal, IL

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"Not only is it better for me, it tastes so much richer!"

I tried fairlife after reading about it in a fitness group. First I tried the white 2%. I replaced my regular fat free half and half cream in my coffee and not only is it better for me, it tastes so much richer! Like real cream! I love that it has more calcium and protein, which I need as a workout enthusiast.

Next I picked up the chocolate milk. My children went crazy over it and I have to admit I put that in my coffee a few times too! So delicious!

I can’t choose which aspect I love more: the additional nutrition for my family and me or the amazing taste, flavor and texture! Thank you so much for creating an amazing product I can feel good about giving to my family!

Sandy from Carmel, IN

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"Thank you for making life a little easier..."

My daughter Madelynne who is 8 years old has T1D, and we have to watch her carb intake. She is able to enjoy having chocolate milk like everyone else with the low carb count milk you provide. We love the extra protein boost she gets as well! Thank you for making life a little easier for her and others like her.

Eric from Perryton, TX

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"It's so good, I think I have a cow in my living room!"

One day way back when (last week), I was casually having a glass of wine at the local grocery store bar (doesn’t everybody?), and a neighbor friend recommended I try your milk. He dragged me and my glass across the store to the far far corner where I don’t usually visit to pick out a bottle and told me of its fantastic powers. Trust me, he said.

I’m glad I did. This is hands down (or hooves down?) the BEST milk I’ve ever had! I’m running around town like a crazy person raving about your milk and its deliciousness. It’s so good, I think I have a cow in my living room! Thank you, fairlife, for making such a wonderful milk and thank your cows too. I’m now back to being a daily milk drinker!

Lisa from Chicago, IL

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"This has become not only something that I enjoy but also crave!"

My husband and I are very cautious about what we eat and drink. He is in the Army and brought home fairlife milk, and I was absolutely blown away! I’ve never been one to drink milk, but this has become not only something that I enjoy but also crave! It’s a splurge for us but it’s worth it! We love fairlife!!

Natalie from Clayton, NC

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"It tastes better than any other milk we have ever tried!"

Our family loves fairlife! My teenage daughter is Type 1 Diabetic and a tennis player. After long practices and matches, she can be at risk for a delayed low blood sugar during the night. She drinks a cup of fairlife whole milk before bed, and it keeps her sugars stable all night! Our whole family has now switched to fairlife whole milk and the chocolate milk for a yummy treat. The low carbohydrate, high protein milk is good for all of us and it tastes better than any other milk we have ever tried! Thank you, fairlife!!

Buffy from Washington, NC

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"It's my special treat, my very own little slice of heaven."

I have suffered with lactose intolerance for several years. I used to be able to take a “lactose pill” and still be able to enjoy some creamy dairy treats, but within the last couple years, I noticed the lactose pills just are not working. If you know anyone who suffers from lactose intolerance, you know it is NOT a pleasant experience. I decided I would just have to go through life with no more tasty, creamy dairy treats… Then while I was out grocery shopping one day, I saw a bottle of chocolate milk on the shelf and read “fairlife lactose free.” I’ll be honest, I figured it would be watery and blah. I was totally expecting a watered down chocolate milk that would still end up causing me a great deal of suffering. I was wrong, so very, very wrong. fairlife chocolate milk is so thick, rich and creamy, and the flavor just knocks me off my feet. I always have a bottle of it in the refrigerator; it’s my special treat, my very own little slice of heaven. Thank you so much for making such a delicious, rich and thick chocolate milk for those of us who have a lactose problem. I can not wait to try the shakes next; strawberry is on the top of my list. I hope my local grocery store has them soon.

Barbara from Gulfport, FL

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"As soon as I had my first sip, I was hooked."

I am such a fan of fairlife! I have always had a reaction when drinking regular dairy. My mom raised me to drink almond or cashew milk, but when I want regular milk, that stuff doesn’t cut it. About 2 years ago, my mom told me about fairlife and how I needed to try it! As soon as I had my first sip, I was hooked. When eating some dessert or something sweet, a tall cold glass of this milk hits the spot!

Molly from Beaver Falls, PA

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"I drink the whole milk and absolutely love the taste."

I came across this milk a couple of years ago and fell in love with it. I have mild lactose intolerance and, as much as I love milk, can’t drink regular milk. My 9 month old is currently breastfeeding and has a milk protein allergy. I drink the whole milk when I am craving milk and absolutely love the taste. It doesn’t bother my tummy nor my little one’s tummy. I would recommend this to anyone. Even my husband loves the taste and puts it in his coffee.

Alicia from Brunswick, MD

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"Thank you for finally making a product that can work for everyone."

As a person who has a severe lactose allergy, it’s nice to finally find a “substitute” that isn’t really a substitute. I’ve tried several types of lactose free milk in the past, and they don’t taste horrible but don’t taste like milk. fairlife has great taste and doesn’t make me sick. My husband is even in love with it. Thank you for finally making a product that can work for everyone.

Jenn from Fountain, CO

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