fairlife story
fairlife story
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Our Founding Story

Our founders, Mike and Sue McCloskey started with a belief in better...

from their farms;

to technology;

to treatment of their cows;

to product development.

They believed that high quality, great tasting nutrition starts with high quality milk that comes from sustainable farming and extraordinary animal care.

Mike’s a veterinarian turned farmer turned thought leader – driven by the belief that happy, healthy cows are more productive and produce high quality milk.

Sue’s a creative thinker driven by a desire to provide her family and you with the most nutritious food and beverages.

After years in the dairy business they broke away from the establishment to found Select Milk Producers, a small group of family dairy farmers who believed in the same pursuit of perfect milk. Today there are over 90 Select members all of whom own and operate their own farms following the same extraordinary standards. Collectively they own Fair Oaks Farms Dairy Adventure in Indiana, part of our flagship farm.

The story about fairlife founders

About Fairlife LLC

fairlife, LLC, started with a vision for providing better nutrition for the world. Providing consumers with the protein and calcium that they are looking for in their busy lives, the highly nutritious milk products of fairlife come from the 99 family owned dairies of Select Milk Producers. Select was established in 1994 with the goal of producing exceptional quality milk while changing the face of the dairy industry through cutting edge innovation, dedication to animal care and comfort, and a commitment to agricultural sustainability. Select Milk Producers entered into a partnership with The Coca-Cola Company in 2012 to form fairlife, LLC. The Coca-Cola Company is the distribution partner for the products that fairlife creates, market and sells. fairlife, LLC, is committed to improving the health and vitality of the planet and its people.