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Our Promise

Fairlife promise
and ethical practices

We believe in doing better every step of the way, because it’s the right thing to do. For us, “better” means growing our own crops and putting our cows’ well-being at the top of our list. It means being able to trace our milk back to the farms it came from and treating it gently at every step. It means sustainable farming and agricultural innovation, to ensure the future of our planet. And it means bringing health and vitality to you by providing better nutrition for your life from the wholesome simplicity of real milk.


We consider ourselves to be stewards of the land we inhabit. We have challenged ourselves to uncover innovative, practical and efficient solutions in order to leave this planet a little bit healthier every day. Our goal is to have a carbon neutral footprint on our farms, because the better we treat our soil, air, and water, the better it will deliver the food we depend on.


As dairy farmers, we treat our cows with the utmost care, because we know that their health and happiness are the foundation of our business. We grow the crops that feed our cows so we can ensure that they’re getting high quality nutrition. We invite you to our flagship farm in Fair Oaks, Indiana, to see just how we do it.


We have a responsibility to improve the health and vitality of people as well as the planet. Milk is a fresh, delicious source of the building blocks you need for your busy life. Dairy protein gives you the energy you need, and calcium keeps you strong. By gently filtering our milk, we are able to concentrate its natural protein and calcium to bring you more of what you want in one of the most wholesome sources of nutrition on the planet.


We harness the simple goodness of nature’s superfood – MILK – to bring you nutritious real dairy beverages like never before. We continually push ourselves to keep improving our farming practices, leading the dairy industry in game-changing new practices and techniques that improve the wellbeing of the cows and land in our care. Our spirit of innovation is central to why we believe in better® and put that practice into everything we do.

fairlife is improving the health and vitality of people & planet