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Mireille Siné

“Mireille is an athlete, coach & public health professional based in Los Angeles. She aims to connect people to the communities around them so that we may all learn, grow, and thrive. Her runner’s journey began after she was diagnosed with Lupus in 2013. This led her to gain control of her life and health while showing others that unfortunate circumstances don’t have to stop you from achieving your goals. Her passion for community and service to others can also be seen in her career as an amatuer athlete. Through multiple marathons, ultra-marathons, and brand collaborations, Mireille’s unique brand of motivation & authenticity has helped foster a community of athletes in the city and beyond. Now as a run coach, she hopes to continue introducing runners into the sport while advocating for diversity and inclusion, a holistic lifestyle, and the freedom to show up as you are.”

Let’s imagine three scenarios. In scenario number one you see an athlete just as they are finishing a long and intense run. They are sweaty, tired and proud. In scenario number two you see another athlete just as they are finishing an urban hike or walk. They are also sweaty, tired and proud. And in scenario number three, you see an athlete stepping out of the gym after completing their first workout ever. Just like the first two athletes they are also sweaty, tired and proud. Do you think recovery is more important for athlete number one, two, or three? 

The answer is all of the above! If you thought that recovery was more important to the runner, I understand. In today’s fitness landscape, it is the most intense exercise regimens that get highlighted and supported. However, there is no one size fits all to exercise so the truth of the matter is that all athletes can benefit from recovery. If you are participating in sports, know that the act of exercising will cause breakdowns in your body. Therefore all athletes must take steps to ensure they are at their best the next day. Recovery can consist of many different elements but the three most important ones are sleep, nutrition, and hydration. Core Power is perfect for hitting your nutrition and hydration goals for post workout recovery. 

As mentioned above, one result of working out is creating slight breakdowns in muscle tissue in the body. To help repair those muscles and continue seeing progress, athletes must have adequate fueling. Core Power High Protein Milkshakes support athletic recovery by helping with refueling, rehydrating, and rebuilding muscle. The shakes are also packed with protein which is essential for the formation of new cells to help repair the muscle breakdown athletes experience. What also makes Core Power stand apart is its shelf stability – you can grab it and go! This is important because the timing of the post-workout recovery is important as well. Ideally, athletes should begin the recovery phase of their workout within 30-45 minutes of completing their activity. Since the Core Power shakes do not need to be blended and already contain the essentials for recovery (two complete proteins from milk and BCAAs), Core Power High Protein Shakes make it easy for athletes of all abilities to get what their bodies need. 

No matter what your chosen activity is and no matter what your fitness level is, it is never too early to start practicing proper recovery. Your body will thank you as you continue to move!

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