Meet the Winner: The Allison Taller Interview

Allison Taller is the winner of our Core Power #ChiMarathon 2014 photo contest (and a one year supply of Core Power high protein shakes!). She’s accomplished what very few people have accomplished: finishing a marathon. She then went on to accomplish what even fewer people have accomplished: winning our 2014 #ChiMarathon photo contest!  We caught up with Allison to find out a few things about her run.

Core Power: Congrats Allison. Running a marathon is a big accomplishment, how many have you done?

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Allison Taller: This was actually my first marathon! I wasn’t sure about running a marathon, but I am very proud to say that Chicago was my first!


CP: How did you feel during the run?  Any difficult parts?


AT: The run felt amazing! I forgot that I was running for a good portion of the race because the cheers from the crowd were truly mesmerizing. I had so much support from my friends, family, and coworkers that whenever I saw them, my heart surged with adrenaline and I could not help but smile. At Mile 21, I had lost my running group and was on my own battling my own thoughts. I knew that my family was waiting for me at Mile 23, so I kept plugging away. Once I saw them, my smile came back, the adrenaline returned and I was able to find my running buddy at Mile 25 and finish strong with her! I don’t think any moments were truly difficult. The crowd lined all 26.2 miles of the race and their support and cheers made me feel like a super hero and that I could accomplish anything.


CP: How did you prepare for this year’s Chicago Marathon?


AT: When I decided to sign up for the Chicago Marathon, I knew I couldn’t train on my own. My friend suggested I join the Chicago Area Runners Association (CARA) summer marathon training program. I ran with this group every Saturday and a couple of times a week. Their support, joy, and passion for running made me truly fall in love with the run. They had so many tips to survive marathon training and the marathon itself!

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CP: Any training tips you can share with our fans?


I would highly suggest joining a running group and deciding a comfortable pace to train in. You have to believe in yourself that you CAN do it. It takes as much mental power as physical power to complete this race. When you start to get tired and weak, you have to mentally say to yourself, ‘I know I can do this. Just a few more miles’. If you think you can, you can. Also, be sure to listen to your body during training. It’s ok to miss a run here or there. Just make sure to keep your body happy!


CP: Do you use Core Power as part of your Marathon training?


AT: I sure do! A Core Power chocolate protein shake after a long run is such a treat! I like that it doesn’t taste like weird chemicals or have a chalky taste – it’s made with milk, so it’s a truly delicious drink to help replenish your body with the protein it needs. I first had Core Power after the Rock ‘N Roll Chicago run this summer and boy was I hooked after that! If you haven’t tried it, seriously, do it.

CP: Are you planning to run again next year?


AT: Chicago was my first marathon and I think I am now hooked on marathons. I may try to do a marathon in a different state, but I’ve heard that Chicago’s crowd is incomparable. I’m sure I’ll do it again though!


AT: Are there any charities you support and want to give a shout out to?


This year, I ran for the United Way of Metropolitan of Chicago! Hello fellow charity runners!! It is such a great charity to truly benefit Chicago. They do great things every day and I was happy to support them in the 2014 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Keep up the amazing work!


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