Tip of the Day: Exercise Your Heart!

Exercise is a great way to help is feel better about ourselves on the outside, but it also makes us feel better on the inside as well. Working out is great for our hearts and getting our heart rate up is the best way to exercise the most important muscle in our bodies to keep us healthy and strong. has a great post on tips to starting a “heart-healthy” exercise plan that will benefit all of us, no matter the age. We’ll share a few of the tips with you here, but be sure to check the rest of the article for more of these great tips!


  1. Aerobic exercises done 30 minutes a day is excellent for increasing your heart rate. Climbing the stairs, a brisk walk, orbital exercise machine or treadmill, anything to get your heart rate up.  Wii has several fun games such as Wii Sports or Wii Fit Step Aerobics – and its great exercise you can do with your kids. Make it a family affair!
  2. Strength training is a great complement to aerobic training and helps to prevent age-related bone and muscle-mass losses. Keep in mind that strength training doesn’t increase heart rate but does increase stamina. Use it to target areas where muscle-tone is needed and don’t forget the other muscle groups.
  3. Practice balance exercises to help prevent falls and injuries. Balance techniques are used frequently as exercises in yoga or more simple forms of balancing exercises such as walking heal-to-toe, standing on one foot, or standing up and sitting down without using your hands.
  4. Stretching exercises done twice a week helps keep flexibility, which is very important. Consider 10 minutes of stretching twice a week to improve your flexibility.

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