Team Rescue Mode Firefighter Challenge

The Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge is an intense competition that is known as the “Toughest 2 Minutes in Sports”. We caught up with Team Rescue Mode to find out more about “The Challenge”.

What Is Team Rescue Mode?

Team Rescue Mode Inc. is a non-profit corporation comprised of firefighters from the Richmond, Virginia area who compete in the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge. As firefighters, we proudly serve the citizens of our communities and provide them with fire protection and emergency medical services. Firefighting is an extremely physically and mentally demanding profession. As athletes, we strive to increase our physical and mental capabilities by pushing ourselves beyond our perceived limits. This allows us to be the best possible athletes we can be, and in turn allows us to be even better firefighters. We train hard, and compete even harder. Our goal is to be the best of the best.

 What is the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge?

The Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge is an intense, spirited competition that seeks to encourage firefighter fitness and demonstrate the profession’s rigors to the public. The Challenge has won high accolades for its fidelity to the job and for providing the public with a greater appreciation of the physical demands of firefighting. Unlike sports that exist solely for entertainment value, the Challenge is about performing one of the most dangerous and demanding jobs safer and better.

 How do you prepare for the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge?

We train for the Challenge both in the gym and on the course. In the gym we build strength, endurance, explosive power, and better our cardio. On the course we focus on technique, speed, transitions between stations, and teamwork.

 Have you faced similar situations featured in the Firefigter Combat Challenge in real life?

The Firefighter Combat Challenge is comprised of 5 stations that simulate things any firefighter may have to do on the fire ground in a real life situation. Carrying a high-rise pack of hose to the 4th story, hoisting equipment up through a window or over a balcony, standing on a roof and cutting a hole with an axe, dragging a charged hose-line and spraying water, and most importantly rescuing a victim from a fire. Everything about the Firefighter Combat Challenge is geared towards real life firefighting.

 How do you prepare physically and mentally for your firefighting job?

The Firefighter Combat Challenge is a great way to prepare physically for the job. It also can be used to build you mentally as well. As with any sport there are times in training and competitions that you have to rely on your mental strength to get you through. Your mind is a powerful tool. It can help push you past your perceived limits in many aspects of life. In the Firefighter Combat Challenge and on duty at the fire station, firefighters are a tightly bonded group. At work we sometimes have to deal with some horrible situations and see things that no one would want to see. We come together and support each other. Dealing with the stress and tough parts of this job can not be done alone. What we have to do in the course of our job can not always be understood by family members or the general public. Those are the times that we have to rely on each other to get through. Our departments support us very well when dealing with critical incidents. We have grief counselors that are available to us 24 hrs a day on and off duty. Firefighting is a very rewarding job, but for those times when things get bad, our tight bond and the support we give one another is amazing.

 Do you have a firefighter’s workout our users can try at home?

There are many different types of workouts that competitors in the Firefighter Combat Challenge do. Almost as a trial and error, many of us have experimented with the many types to see what works best for us as an individual. Everyone’s body is different and responds differently to various training types. High intensity interval training is a great tool for both the competition and the job. It is a training routine comprised of switching back and forth between periods of intense high outputs of energy and force and a lower level of intensity. Many competitors have also found success with Cross-Fit. Cross-Fit describes its strength and conditioning program as “constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad modal and time domains,” with the stated goal of improving fitness. As with any sport, what works for one person may not work for another. Having the dedication and drive to keep trying and keep working towards your goal is what makes any athlete successful.


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