Superfood Spotlight: Snap Peas

Spring is the Season for Snap Peas, So Snap To It! Another spring superfood that I look forward to eating this season is snap peas (also known as sugar snap peas). Yes, peas! I love the…


Bodyweight WOW

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Treadmill & KettleBell Winter WOW

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Jump into Fitness: 3 Jumps for a Full Body Workout

How are your New Year’s fitness resolutions going? Don’t worry, we all need a kick start once in a while. We asked fitness expert Cara Bednar for a full body workout that will burn calories…


Meet Olympic Trap Shooter Tyler Froeba

Need some inspiration to make your athletic dreams come true? We caught up with Olympic Trap Shooter Tyler Froeba, who in spite of his congenital scoliosis, has worked hard to overcome his physical limitations in…