Superfood Spotlight: Snap Peas

Jennifer Fisher,

Spring is the Season for Snap Peas, So Snap To It!

Another spring superfood that I look forward to eating this season is snap peas (also known as sugar snap peas). Yes, peas! I love the refreshing crispness and satisfying crunch of sugar snap peas and eat them raw by the handful. Sugar snap peas are eaten along with the entire pod, and make a terrific crunchy snack.


Thankfully, even eating an entire bag of these veggies won’t wreck your hard work at the gym (one cup has just 26 calories). The low-calorie content in sugar snap peas can be attributed to the high percentage of water volume by weight (approximately 90 percent of this vegetable is water!). Not only will you feel “filled up” noshing on this super sensible snack, but all that water offers extra hydration as the warmer months roll in. Sugar snap peas are also a great source of dietary fiber, vitamin C and they even have a couple grams of protein per 1-cup serving!

Sugar snap peas can be a healthy addition to everyone’s diet (even kids love sugar snap peas). I love that they don’t require any shelling or special cooking and preparation, making them my go-to vegetable to eat “as they are” and on the go. Try dunking a few in Greek yogurt, nut butter, or hummus.

sugar snap peas jennifer fisher
Sugar snap peas are also quite a treat tossed in salads or lightly cooked in a stir-fry. Spring is peak season, so snap to it!

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