Superfood Spotlight: Turkey

By Jennifer Fisher,

Turkey is popular during the holidays. Take advantage of this superfood and get your protein fix.

Let’s talk turkey. Even though this bird can’t fly, turkey is a superfood that will put the wind beneath your wings! Skinless turkey breast is a very lean source of protein. A 4-ounce serving provides approximately 34 grams of protein and just 153 calories. Turkey also provides a robust array of nutrients such as niacin, selenium, zinc and B vitamins. Turkey meat is suitable for athletes trying to stay trim yet still consuming high quality fuel.


Most turkey consumption takes place during the holidays and Easter. But since this plus-sized poultry is such a great source of nutrition, you should consider making a whole turkey once a month. I like to portion out individual serving sizes into freezable containers to use later in salads, soups, sandwiches and more. I call them “premeditated leftovers”! This type of make-ahead meal planning keeps me from caving into bad fast-food choices on my busiest work and workout days.
So, how do you know what kind of turkey to buy? Look for turkey that is labeled “fresh” rather than “frozen” or “previously frozen.” Frozen turkey and processed turkey deli meats contain additives that you don’t want in your diet. So enjoy your holiday turkey this and every month!

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