Stay Hot with These Sweaty Summer Circuits

By Katie Uhran

Summer may be half over, but that’s no excuse to stop the grind! Keep up the heat with these summer circuits!

Here’s how to do the Circuits: 

  1. 3x rounds of each circuit
  2. Perform 30 seconds of each move + 10 seconds of rest
  3. Repeat until all rounds are complete!
  4. Want more of challenge? You can always add more rounds, increase the time of each move, or up the dumbbell weight. LOTS OF OPTIONS, FRIENDS!



Burpees – Focus on your form and not speed. Make sure to keep your core engaged, to breathe, and to go at a pace that works best for you and your level.

Plank to Forearm Plank – Start with your wrists aligned with your shoulders. Engage the core and the legs. Slowly lower down to your forearms. Slowly rise back up to plank. Repeat until 30 seconds are complete.

Squats – Keep the weight in your heels and your arms engaged and straight in front of you. Lower until your booty is aligned with your knees. Try to go slowly so that you can really feel the burn in your legs – maximize the movement to get the full benefits.



Squat to Shoulder Press – Hold the weights in a shoulder press position with your palms facing each other. Keep them aligned with your shoulders as you slowly lower into a squat. Then explode up and push the dumbbells above your head. Slowly start to lower the dumbbells again into a squat position and repeat.

Renegade Row – Hold onto one dumbbell while your other hand is in the middle of the mat. Bring the dumbbell up into the side of your armpit and then lower until it is almost touching the ground. Perform 15 seconds on each side.

Twisting Forearm Plank – Start on your forearms with your feet hip-width distance apart. Slowly start rocking side to side. The key is to move slowly, keep your core engaged, and make sure that your shoulders are aligned with your elbows.



Squat Jumps – Just like squats, make sure that you start with the weight in your heels. Explode off the ground and then land lightly in a squat position, so that you can immediately jump back up.

Reverse Lunges – Grab your dumbbells and start doing alternating lunges. Take a step back and lower your knee until it is almost touching the ground. Drive back to the starting position and then do the other leg.

Plank – Knee to Triceps – Start in plank position with your wrists aligned with your shoulders. Keep your core, legs, and arms engaged. Bring your right knee to your right triceps, then bring back to plank. Bring your left knee to your left triceps, then bring back to plank. Perform this move slowly, to keep your hips aligned and steady as possible. Repeat until 30 seconds are up.


We recommend that you consult with your physician before beginning any new exercise program. Only try this workout if you are heart healthy and in good physical condition. fairlife, LLC will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this workout. By voluntarily performing this fitness exercise, you assume the risk of any resulting injury, and agree to release and discharge fairlife from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, related to this workout.

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