Shredded ABS WOW

By Jennifer Fisher

Time to blast your abs with this ABS of Steel WOW by Jennifer @TheFitFork

Shredded ABS WOW

To do abs or not to do abs? That is the question. Getting a six pack is no easy feat, but not impossible either. All you need is dedication, a sensible diet, and this ABS shredding workout I’ve designed to hit every muscle in your midsection.

I like to do abs as part of my warm-up routine (multitasking is good, and it saves time at the gym).

Core Power high protein shakes abs workout

Recover with a cold Core Power high protein shake. You and your muscles deserve it after all that hard work!


Jennifer Fisher is an enthusiastic Core Power fan and user. Along with being a contributor to the fairlife team, she’s a #FitFluential Ambassador, #IDEAfit Inspired Blogger and contributor at the Cooking Light Blogger Connection. Jennifer is also a fit food & healthy living guest speaker, competitive master’s runner, CrossFit enthusiast and mother of three pre-teen through teen boys! For more on Jennifer, visit her blog and follow her on twitterFacebook and Pinterest.

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