Core Power Tip of the Week: More Bang for Your Buck

Saving money grocery shopping to get more bang for your buck - Core Power Tip of the Week

I don’t know about you, but we’re always looking for ways to save money on food. It’s easy to go the store and get overwhelmed with a list that somehow ends up doubling the amount you wanted to actually spend. Uh oh. Been there!

So how do you save on food but still eat healthy? Here are some helpful tips.

  • Eat seasonally. Produce is more affordable.
  • Buy in bulk. Rice, oats, eggs, beans, frozen veggies and meats. These are all great to buy at bulk food stores.
  • Skip the plastic bottles. Buy a water filter and use reusable bottles instead.
  • Order specialty foods online. You can often find good deals online versus at the store. Look for the ones that have free shipping.
  • Make your nut butter. this one is actually fun! Buy nuts in bulk, them blend in vitamix or food processor. It’s easy and delicious. You can even add a flavor if you’d like.

What are some of your ways you food budget?


Lindsay Cotter

Along with being a regular contributor to the fairlife team and the Core Power Tip of the DayLindsay is a long time Core Power fan and user, a #FitFluential Ambassadorpro triathlete James Cotter’s wife, nutrition/fitness consultant, and shares a passion for GLUTEN FREE cooking! Meet Lindsay at and follow her on Twitter.

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