Meet Ivory Latta

We caught up with professional WNBA player Ivory Latta and asked her how she trains to stay at the top of her game.

Core Power: Hi Ivory. Congratulations for making the All-star team (twice). Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. The life of a professional WNBA player must be very intense. Can you describe your daily fitness routine?

ivory latta WNBA player the Core power high protein shake interview

Ivory Latta: I do a lot of intense ball handling drills, sometimes with two balls. I start off my shooting drill by focusing on five spots: corner, wing, middle, wing, and then corner again. I try to shoot at least 20 shots from each spot. Once I have my form down, then I move into the court/cone workouts.

Core Power: What inspired you to pursue a career in professional basketball? When did you know you wanted to go pro?

Ivory Latta: I have always been motivated to play basketball, even though baseball was my first love. The support of my parents made my inspiration come to life. They pushed me to always strive for greatness and to do my best. Playing basketball professionally had always been a dream of mine, now, it’s my reality.

Core Power: How does the WNBA selection process work?

Ivory Latta: The WNBA selection process works as follows: One has to play at least four years of college basketball. Based on one’s individual and team performance, the WNBA teams and coaches watch and decide on a player. At the end of the season, an invite is sent to those who are most likely to get drafted into the WNBA.

Core Power: How do you and your teammates work together when training?

WNBA Player Ivory Latta Interview
Ivory Latta: Collaboration and good communication are two great keys for making teamwork effective. My teammates and I always push each other during our training sessions. We try to make each other better every day.

Core Power: What do you like to do when you’re not on the basketball court?

Ivory Latta: When I am not on the basketball court, I like to watch movies, play video games, and spend quality time with my friends and family.

Core Power: What are your dearest causes and charities?

Ivory Latta:The main charity that is very important to me is the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation. My father is battling Parkinson’s Disease and it’s important that I bring awareness to this disease and help raise money for a cure.

Core Power: Can you give us a quick 15 minute workout that your Core Power fans can include in their routine?

Ivory Latta: First start off with a slight jog just to warm up the body, then do several sets of calisthenics like push-ups and crunches, then run up and down stairs or bleachers for 8 minutes. Of course I drink a Core Power high protein shake after my workout to get recharged!

Core Power high protein shake interview with WNBA player Ivory Latta

Ivory with her favorite high protein shake: Core Power

Core Power: Thanks Ivory, and best of luck this season!

Read more about Ivory at her official website.

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