Jackie’s Run: 7 Marathons in 8 Days to Help Fight Alzheimer’s

Steve Schwalbach is running the entire state of Kentucky in one week to help raise funds to fight Alzheimer’s. We caught up with him right before he embarked on his epic run.

Core Power: Hi Steve, how did you come up with the idea of running the entire state of Kentucky?

Steve: I’m an avid runner and felt that doing such an epic run would help raise awareness and funds to help fight Alzheimer’s. Every 68 seconds an American develops Alzheimer’s and there are an estimated 5.2 million Americans living with the disease.

Core Power: Do you have someone in your family that is struggling with Alzheimer’s?

Steve:  Yes, my Mother Jackie was diagnosed in 2002 and has been living with Alzheimer’s for more than 12 years.

Core Power: We certainly hope that people follow your run and get involved in ways to help in the fight against Alzheimer’s. Can you tell us your route and schedule?

Steve: I set off on Saturday, May 17th, from Pine Knott, Kentucky on the Kentucky-Tennessee border. I will basically be running the equivalent of 7 marathons in 8 days. My route will take me through Lexington, and will end on Saturday, May 24th at Tower Park in Fort Thomas, Kentucky.

Core Power: How can people help?

Steve: My hope is that this epic run will present the perfect opportunity for people to show their support for those suffering from Alzheimer’s by making a donation at the  Alzheimer’s Association website.

Core Power: Will you be running alone?

Steve: I’ll be running the whole 200 miles with the help of a few of my running friends. Different runners will be taking turns to run with me, so I’ll have a different friend every day. Then on the last day, my local running group will be running with me to the finish line.

Core Power: Thanks and best of luck Steve!

Check our Steve’s Facebook page and website, where he will be posting daily updates of his run.

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