Sneak Peak and Interview: Laura Bennett Talks Sydney Triathlon

Core Power Interview with Laura Bennett

Champion triathlete Laura Bennett drinks milk protein drink Core Power

The Sydney Triathlon WTS is this weekend and the Queen of Awesome and Core Power athlete Laura Bennett is ready to roll. We caught up with her yesterday to ask her a few questions about how she feels going into the race. She also continues her Sneak Peak series by sending us a few pics she took along the Sydney Triathlon course.

How do you feel going into this weekend’s event? I feel ready to race going into the Sydney WTS. I have had a solid base season. I had preseason race in Mooloolaba 3 weeks ago to see where my fitness was, so I took what I learned there and added a few sessions from then, and now look forward to seeing what else I am missing going into San Diego WTS (the olympic trials!) in four weeks time.


Transition 1 at Sydney WTS

Transition 1 at Sydney WTS

How has your training been the last couple of weeks, and have you altered it in any way to best prepare? My training since Mooloolaba has become a little more specific to my racing, prior to it I did all base season training, and Mooloolaba was my first hard/specific session for the year, and since then I have added a few more specific sessions in the short period of time between the races, so I’m looking forward to seeing how the progression is going.

Any areas of concern for you? What about strengths right now – in what ways do you REALLY feel great? Well I know I am not nearly as specifically fit as most the girls I will be racing, but I have done solid strength work and that goes a long way, but the high end threshold I will be a bit short of. However I look to use all my competition to help me gain the threshold I am looking for from this race in my progression for the year. 

Did you take any break after MOOLOOLABA? What did you take from that race that you are now applying to training and this race this weekend? No break after Mooloolaba – I had no trouble getting right back into training as I was not fit enough to really hurt myself and therefore I could  slot right back into hard training. I snatched up a few hard sessions between these races that I would like to see allow me to be in the mix about 20% more. 

Swim Pontoon at Sydney WTS

Swim Pontoon at Sydney WTS

Has the weather turned for the better? Did the earlier poor weather have any affect on your preparation for this race? The weather in Noosa… our season training base has been quite wet again this season, but instead of fighting this year we just went out in it- there were days we were on an 120k ride and not one moment it was dry. It is good practice as we often have wet races and if you are not used to the conditions it can throw you off your game! Now I know my timing on breaking with carbon wheels in the wet… it is a bit shocking when coming into a race and you learn that too late!


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