How To Unleash Your Awesome When You Are In A Workout Slump

Katie Uhran

By Katie Uhran, ACKTIVE LIFE

Workout slumps happen to everyone, so do not get frustrated or give up. When you hit a workout slump or a plateau, it just means that you need to spice things up a bit and think outside of the box. A little variety can help you unleash your awesome!

I am currently in the last few weeks of my half marathon training, and I am not going to lie, I feel like I have hit a slump. At the beginning of my training, I always start out strong, happy, and energized. But the last three weeks get me every time! I sometimes feel sluggish and just want to throw in the towel.

When these feelings start to creep in, it is time to dig DEEP and try some other ways to keep me motivated and inspired. How do I do that? Here are a few of my favorite ways to SPICE IT UP and unleash my awesome through my workout slump!

Train with a Friend – Running alone can definitely get pretty boring after a while, especially when you start hitting the double digits. As I head into the remaining weeks of my half marathon training, I am getting a little tired and know I need some extra motivation. For my longer weekend runs, I have been reaching out to a friend to join me. She doesn’t do the full run with me, but will help push me along for 6 miles, and it is exactly what I need to keep going. Whether it is a walk, run, or a class, grab a friend to join you, not only for the extra motivation, but for the social aspect. Training with friends is definitely more FUN and a great way to catch up, even if you are gasping for air!

Mix Up Your Own Workouts – When I feel like my workouts are getting stagnant, I turn to some of my favorite Instagram fitness women for inspiration and try something NEW. I have some pretty awesome women to challenge me. These new workouts definitely kick my butt, but in the end they feel good, and I know my body enjoys it too. This is a short version of a workout that I did last week; it was HARD!

Hang cleans…Burpees…Pull-Ups are definitely not some of my favorite things ???, but training with @trainerkindal is taking me out of my comfort zone… . She’s one #badass woman and she’s inspiring me, challenging me, and helping me get my body BACK both in strength and confidence. [email protected] #lululemon #thesweatlife #strength #bassassisbeautiful #inspire #fitfam #believe #makeithappen #confidence #beauty #truth #inspiration #instagood #motivation

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Sign Up for a New Class – Have you noticed how many studios are popping up these days? There are so many classes to choose from now: CrossFit, circuit training, boxing, yoga… and the list keeps going on. With all of these choices, this is a great way to try something new. It is not something you have to do for months, but it can help to try a new workout, meet new people, challenge yourself, and shock your body into doing something out of your comfort zone. Another bonus is that a lot of these places do offer packages or discounts for a first time sign-up, so why not give it a go? Treat yourself!

Start a Challenge – Grab a friend or family member and start a monthly challenge! Nothing spices things up like a good competition. Whether it is weight loss, who can hold plank or wall sit for the longest, or how many push-ups can you do in a minute, a good challenge can be fun, inspiring, and bring people together to help everyone switch things up. As a former college athlete, I am always up for a new challenge, and these kind of things always bring out my competitive side, so I train just a little bit harder. And if there is a good prize to be had, you know I will do anything to win it!

So which one are you going to try first? Have fun, friends, and let me know how it goes! #UnleashYourAwesome

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