Delicious Ways to POWER your RECOVERY

It’s pretty evident we like our CorePower. It’s definitely a staple in our house. And no I did not get asked to say that, I’m just being honest. We love Core Power for quality ingredients. Plus it’s gluten free and lactose free; two ingredients that I have to watch with food intolerance. Most people use Core Power as a recovery snack or drink. Yes, we do that too. It’s the perfect shake to #POWERYOURRECOVERY==> Hashtag LOVE! But what you might not know is that Core Power has many Recovery Snack usages.

Here are some of our FAVORITE ways to use Corepower:

  • To make a Green Machine SMOOTHIE! Good for breakfast on the go or a snack.


  • To add protein to your stove top oats! Try the Strawberry Banana cooked in steel cut oats. Then add berries, yogurt, and coconut.

  • To batter your French toast! This is a new favorite. Mix banana Core Power with egg. We then soak our gluten free bread in the batter. Fry in pan and top with banana, syrup, and a little melted peanut butter.

  • To PUMP UP your coffee! Half vanilla Core Power and half coffee. It’s the ultimate latte.
  • To freeze into ice trays and use later to make frozen slushy goodness! All you have to do is blend it all up!
  • To mix into pancake batter! Chocolate protein pancakes are the best!
  • To enjoy after a play date at the park with your favorite kiddos! This has to be my favorite way to use Core Power because of the cute company.

So you see, you really can POWERyourRECOVERY in more than one way. Get creative in the kitchen. Core Power has the flavor capacity to make any dish or snack extra tasty, not to mention nutritious!

What will you add your Core Power to today?

Let me know if you try any of these suggestions!


Lindsay Cotter

Along with being a regular contributor to the fairlife team and the Core Power Tip of the DayLindsay is a long time Core Power fan and user, a #FitFluential Ambassadorpro triathlete James Cotter’s wife, nutrition/fitness consultant, and shares a passion for GLUTEN FREE cooking! Meet Lindsay at and follow her on Twitter.

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