Core Power Tip of the Day: How to Enjoy Your Ironman Race Day


Having just completed Ironman Texas, I wanted to share a few tips on how I get the most out of my race-day experience.

  1. Ironman is a triathlon, but approach it as three separate sports since once one discipline is over you cannot go back and re-do.  Focus on what comes next.
  2. Prepare to change your plan throughout the day because it will not go exactly as you thought.
  3. Anything that can be done prior to checking in your bike and T1/T2 bags do it.  Once the morning of the race arrives your nerves will take over and you will forget something.
  4. Do not focus on what others are doing.  Focus on your race.
  5. Thank all the volunteers and spectators.  You will feed off their energy and go farther than you thought imaginable.
  6. Celebrate with and thank your family and friends.  You did not get to that finish line on your own.
  7. Recovery begins once you cross the finish line.  Enjoy your accomplishment and don’t rush into the next event or training.
  8. Write a race report while it is still fresh in your mind.  You want to go back and relive those moments.
  9. Throughout the race be sure to smile.  This is Ironman and you need to enjoy the day.
  10. The race starts when you get out of the water so don’t waste energy on the swim.

Jason Bahamundi is a vegetarian endurance athlete and Core Power fan who doesn’t know the meaning of the words ‘limits’ or ‘cannot.’ You can follow his adventures at

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