Jump into Fitness: 3 Jumps for a Full Body Workout

How are your New Year’s fitness resolutions going? Don’t worry, we all need a kick start once in a while. We asked fitness expert Cara Bednar for a full body workout that will burn calories and rev up our metabolism to help get us back on track.

Jump Into 2015 With These 3 Full Body Moves

By Cara Bednar

Looking for a workout that will raise your heart rate, work your legs, and strengthen your arms? Then take your run of the mill burpees to the next level by adding a donkey kick. Then strengthen those arms with cross punches and burn calories with weighted squat thrusters. This full body workout is just 3 moves, but do them right and they’ll be the only 3 moves you’ll need to feel the burn and rev up your fitness routine!

3 Jumps WOW

1- Burpee + Donkey Kick


2-Cross Punch + Donkey Kick


3-Thruster with Weights


Set a timer for five minutes per exercise, then work at high intensity for 20 seconds, with 10 seconds rest between each set. Don’t forget to refuel with a cold Core Power high protein shake at the end your workout, you’ve earned it!


Cara Bednar is a long time Core Power fan and user, Core Power Crew Athlete, Member of Beantown Bootcamp, Loves and sells the City of Boston, shares a passion for running, being gluten free, and enjoying life! Follow Cara on TwitterFacebook, and on her Blog

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