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fairlife Releases 2023 Stewardship Report: On a Mission to Nourish the World

fairlife Releases 2023 Stewardship Report: On a Mission to Nourish the World

CHICAGO, Ill., 4/9/2024 – fairlife, LLC unveiled its 2023 Stewardship Report, showcasing the company’s unwavering commitment to nourishing consumers, communities, and the planet. The report highlights significant milestones achieved in the past year, demonstrating fairlife’s dedication to a culture of better across all aspects of its business.

Caring for People

  • Record-breaking reach: fairlife products reached an impressive 34 million households in 2023, delivering 75 million pounds of high-quality protein and removing over 92 million pounds of sugar from our consumers’ diets.
  • Community impact: Since it was established in 2017, the fairlife Grant Program has awarded over $1 million to more than 170 organizations, supporting nutrition access and fighting food insecurity across the United States. This year, fairlife also introduced the Legacy Award, providing long-term support commitments to impactful organizations like Chicago’s Fight2Feed.
  • Employee growth and development: The fairlife team grew 19%, reaching over 850 employees nationwide. The company implemented initiatives to foster employee satisfaction, including engagement surveys, expanded internship programs, and a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Caring for Animals

  • Continued investment in animal welfare: In partnership with suppliers, to date fairlife has invested nearly $30 million in its animal welfare program.
  • Industry-leading standards: All fairlife supplier farms undergo regular, third-party audits, ensuring the highest levels of animal care and the highest quality products.
  • Strong farm partnerships: The 2023 FARM Awards recognized and rewarded outstanding supplier farms, investing in innovation and excellence in animal welfare and environmental stewardship.

Caring for the Planet

  • Sustainable practices: fairlife remains committed to environmental stewardship, focusing on key areas like packaging, water usage, sustainable agriculture, and reducing carbon emissions across the supply chain.
  • Recyclable packaging: The company is actively working towards its goal of 100% recyclable packaging by 2025.

“Remarkable results like these can only be achieved by our continued commitment to maintaining a culture of better. Better nutrition for consumers, better care for the animals that provide us with milk, and a better, more sustainable way to operate,” said Tim Doelman, CEO of fairlife, LLC.

To learn more about fairlife’s 2023 achievements and its vision for the future, please visit and explore the full Stewardship Report.


About fairlife, LLC

fairlife, LLC is a Chicago-based dairy company dedicated to creating great-tasting, nutrition-rich, and value-added products that nourish consumers. With a diverse portfolio of lactose-free dairy products, including ultra-filtered milk, Core Power® High Protein Shakes, fairlife® nutrition plan™, and fairlife® Light Ice Cream, the company is committed to making a positive impact on people, animals, and the planet.