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The farm families of fairlife® are the beating heart of everything we do. They are part of a movement in their community, holding themselves to exceptionally high standards and ensuring that their cows and their land have the best quality of care – which translates into fresh, delicious ultra-filtered milk for you.

Olivia Hayworth (Bos)

Olivia: I always loved to go to work with my dad when I was little. Since then I have gotten my bachelor’s degree and have been the manager at CalfLand (our calf facility) for two years. I am the fourth generation to follow in the family footsteps.

My Day: Every day is different for me. I read feed bunks and figure out the amount of feed needed for that day. Then I care for our calves, feeding and tending to them.

My Passion: Animals are so fun in that they are all different. Farming makes for a fun and interesting life.

My Background: I graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in animal science along with an equine certificate.

When I’m not working: Rodeo – I own and ride barrel racing horses.

What do you want people to understand about farming?
We farmers care for and love our animals and do everything in our power to make sure they are treated well and taken care of. It harms us, our business, and our animals if we disrespect them in any way.

Ireland B., age 12, & Skylar B., age 10

Ireland & Skylar: Our dad’s side of the family has been in the dairy business since our great grandpa moved to Southern California and bought some milk cows.

Our Day:
I go to school and sports. I work at the dairy a lot, especially in the summer. I love to read.
Skylar: I go to school, and then I have soccer or basketball.

Why we love being in a dairy family:
I know a lot more about the dairy then most my friends, so it’s fun to take them to the dairy and show them everything.
Skylar: I love animals, and I love to pet the cows.

Favorite food and drink:
Steak and milk
Skylar: Pickles and fairlife chocolate milk

Latest accomplishment:
I made high honors at school and got first place in basketball!
Skylar: My team got first place in soccer.

Steve Bos

Steve: Grandpa Bos started in the 1930s in California. His first dairy was in the Long Beach area. Then he moved his operation inland to Riverside County. I grew up in the Dairy Valley of Chino. My dad moved his operation to El Paso in 1991. I became a partner in 1995, and moved to Indiana in 1999 to start my own dairy.

My Day: I enjoy and oversee the overall operation: cows, people, equipment, farming. I touch base with all management personnel, hear what they have planned, and give encouragement and insight when necessary.

Latest Accomplishment: My two daughters married two fantastic guys.

What do you want people to understand about farming?
Farmers are real. We don’t do what we do because we want to be rich or famous. We do it because we believe in our products. We love what we do. And because of that, we make products for people that they can enjoy and trust.

Iris Ordoñes

Iris: I grew up in Fair Oaks, Indiana, however my family originally came from New Mexico, at County Line Dairy Farm.

My day: A day on the farm starts with bottle feeding calves, scraping manure, and unloading hay bales. No matter what we’re doing, we’re always caring for our cows.

My belief: I believe that if I can set my mind to something I can accomplish anything.

My Passion: I love what I do because when it comes to farming I’m a natural. Every day I learn something new.

Outside of work: I enjoy spending time with my horse and taking evening rides.

What do you want people to understand about farming?
The environment is so important. Without the land and water, farming can’t get done. Farming must be done with caution and the practices must be sustainable.

Fun Cow Fact: Cows have a great sense of smell. They can smell something up to 6 miles away.

Javier Zaragoza

Javier: Dairy farms have been part of my life a far as I can remember. I grew up working at the farms on summer breaks.

My Day: Sunrise with sounds and smells of the cows is something I truly enjoy every day. First thing in the morning, I check all our milking equipment to assure it’s working properly. Once the cows are milked I follow the dairy herdsmen’s daily agenda to keep all the cows organized and happy.

My Passion: I love what I do because taking care of these cows isn’t a job; it’s a way of life.

When I’m not working: I enjoy being outside, so I grill and go to the park with my wife and dog often.

What do you want people to understand about farming?
I’ve never seen or heard of a farm being so concerned about keeping their cows healthy and happy. That’s why I feel proud of working at fairlife’s flagship Fair Oaks Farms.

Fun Cow Fact: I find that people under estimate how smart cows really are and how much they can contribute to everyday needs.

Mike & Sue McCloskey

Mike & Sue: We met while Mike was practicing as a veterinarian specializing in dairy. Mike had innovative ideas about animal care, sustainability, and milk quality, so we founded Select, a group of dairy farms dedicated to these new standards of milking.

Our Belief: We both believe in leaving this planet better than the way we found it. We believe in transparency with our consumers, and in accountability for every step of our process.

What’s the most important thing consumers need to know about farming:
Agricultural innovation is the single most important solution for feeding our growing planet. As farmers and scientists, we continually seek out the safest, most sustainable farming practices that preserve the land and enable superior animal treatment.

What’s the most surprising thing people might not know about cows:
They make friends with one another. You can see pairs of them following one another around. We sometimes imagine that they’re gossiping about the other cows.

Jacqueline McCloskey

Jacqueline: Fair Oaks Farms in Indiana is the land I grew up on and in my eyes it’s the most beautiful place on earth.

My day: My usual day during the year is study, coffee, sleep, coffee. But during the summers I am lucky enough to spend it working on the farm with some of my favorite people.

My beliefs: I believe in morals, in treating everyone and everything with respect, and I believe in people.

My passion: I love farming for the feeling at the end of the day. When you drive home from a day at the dairy, you’re tired, usually sore, but you’re proud.

Latest Accomplishment: I am currently an intern at the World Wildlife Fund!

What do you want people to understand about farming? We care. We care about our animals, our land, and you.

Fun cow fact: I like to say they are curious cowards. Much like a cat, cows are always interested in their surroundings, but are also extremely cautious. From my experience, they are thinkers.