fairlife milk frequently asked questions (FAQ's)
fairlife FAQ

What is Fairlife®?

Is fairlife® ultra-filtered milk real milk?

Absolutely! It’s 100% real with amazing taste and better nutrition because of our nifty filtration process. Click here to read more about it!

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Where does the extra protein and calcium come from in fairlife® ultra-filtered milk?

It comes directly from the milk! We filter our milk into its five components (water, butterfat, protein, vitamins & minerals, lactose) and then recombine them in different proportions. So we never need to add protein or calcium powders – it’s already in the milk!

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Is fairlife® ultra-filtered milk natural?

Our whole, skim, 1%, and 2% milks are natural, but our chocolate milk is sweetened for your pleasure.

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Is fairlife® ultra-filtered milk organic?

While fairlife ultra-filtered milk is not organic, we set and abide by the highest standards when it comes to our milk quality, our farming practices and our dedication to animal care and comfort. fairlife does not believe the designation ‘organic’ provides superior quality to the milk or its production beyond fairlife’s practices that already lead the industry (including organic milk) in milk quality, animal care, sustainability and traceability. Visit our flagship farm to see our industry-leading sustainability and cow comfort in practice.

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Is fairlife® ultra-filtered milk safe for kids?

Sure! After all, it’s real milk. It has as much protein as a typical greek yogurt, with 30% more calcium and half the sugar of ordinary milk. It’s a nutritious part of a daily diet for all ages.

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Fairlife® Animal Care

Do you use growth hormones / rBST?

No. rBST stands for Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin hormone, which is a man-made version of the naturally occurring growth hormone BST found in dairy cows. This is a hormone that only affects cows and is not found in or becomes active in other species, including humans. A cow that receives rBST has no more BST hormone in her milk then a cow who has not received rBST. When properly used by a dairy farmer it can increase milk production by 10% and keeps cows healthier by assuring that they are metabolically active.

Unfortunately, the movement against using rBST was started when the dairy industry did not communicate the safety and benefits of this product in a timely and proper way to the consumer. At the same time, companies began exploiting consumer fears by using irresponsible absent-claim marketing tactics, thereby creating a very poor overall perception of rBST to the consumer.

It is unfortunate that this perception was created, as rBST is not only safe for cows and humans, it is an environmentally friendly safe-science tool. By using rBST, dairy cows and farmers would be able to produce the same amount of milk with 6% less land use and 10% fewer cows, there by offsetting the environmental impact (or carbon footprint) of a gallon of milk by 8% less than it is today. While the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), WHO (World Health Organization) and NIH (National Institutes of Health) have stated that milk from cows treated with rBST is safe to consume, the misperception that it is unsafe remains strong with consumers. This common misperception is the sole reason fairlife farmers do not treat their cows with rBST.

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Where are the fairlife farms?

We source our milk from the farm families that founded fairlife. These farms are located all over the country, with our flagship farm in Fair Oaks, Indiana, open to visitors year-round. Come see us!

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Fairlife® Sustainability

Is fairlife packaging recyclable?

Yes, our bottles are #7 recyclable. To find out how to recycle your plastic locally, go to earth911.com, click on ‘recycling search’, select the ‘plastic’ icon, select #7 plastic bottles and input your ZIP code.

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Core Power® by Fairlife®

Is Core Power OK for kids?

Yes. However, because Core Power is so high in protein, we do not recommend it for children under 2, and for kids under 4, we suggest a limit of 1 bottle per day.

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Can I use Core Power as a meal replacement?

We designed it with post workout recovery in mind, but we know that many consumers often use it as a snack and/or a meal replacement because of the high protein content.

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If it’s milk, why doesn’t it need to be refrigerated?

Our ultra-filtration and aseptic packaging allow us to be shelf stable for up to 9 months on Elite products and up to 12 months on 26g products. After opening, all Core Power products should be refrigerated and consumed the same way you would with milk.

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How long is the shelf life? How long after opening it can I continue to drink it?

Core Power 18g and 26g products have a 12 month shelf life. Core Power Elite 42g has a 9 month shelf life. Once the bottle is opened, Core Power should be consumed the same as any other milk and be kept refrigerated.

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Do you use artificial sweeteners?

In our quest to bring you the best in taste and nutrition, we heard from many consumers that they were looking for lower sugar content. We use a combination of ingredients, including artificial sweeteners, to ensure that Core Power tastes delicious and gets you the nutritional profile you need in our 26g, 24g, and Elite high protein milk shakes.

For those who prefer our original 11.5oz Core Power 26g formula with natural sweeteners, it is available in Chocolate and Vanilla exclusively on Amazon.

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Is Core Power gluten free?

Yes, all Core Power products are gluten free.

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Is Core Power lactose free? How do Core Power products remove lactose from the milk?

Yes, all Core Power products are lactose free. Most of the lactose is removed through ultra-filtration, while the rest is converted to other sugars via enzymes.

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What is the protein source in Core Power and Core Power Elite?

All of the protein comes from fairlife ultra-filtered milk. We never add any protein powders or concentrates.

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Is Core Power made from real milk?

Yes, all Core Power products are made from fairlife ultra-filtered milk.

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Where can I find Core Power High Protein Milk Shakes?

We are sold at most major convenience and grocery chains across the country. Depending on the store, we might be placed in different aisles, so we recommend asking a store clerk where they stock their protein drinks. You can also purchase Core Power at online e-tailers.

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Fairlife® Ultra-Filtered Milk

Why does fairlife® ultra-filtered milk have a longer shelf life than ordinary milk?

It’s simply in the processing. Ordinary milk is pasteurized at a high temperature for 15-20 seconds. We pasteurize our milk at an even higher temperature for less time. That gives fairlife much longer shelf life unopened. After opening, its shelf life is the same as ordinary milk.

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I noticed that fairlife smelled a little off when I opened it. Is it safe to drink?

Because our packaging so carefully protects the integrity of fairlife, sometimes there is a slight odor that gets trapped inside. It should dissipate after a couple of minutes to “breathe,” and will still taste delicious. This is a very rare occurrence and is something that we’re continually working on.

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Why is fairlife® ultra-filtered milk lactose-free and does it taste different?

Some people find that lactose (the natural sugar found in milk) upsets their stomachs, so we take it out so everyone can enjoy fairlife. You won’t be able to taste the difference (unlike other lactose-free milks).

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Where can I find fairlife® ultra-filtered milk?

Click here for more information on where to buy fairlife® ultra-filtered milk.

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