Protein: let's break it down.

Protein does a lot for our body and has many benefits. Its function is to repair, rebuild and maintain lean muscle and body tissue, and help make new cells. We need protein, and that’s why it’s super important to get enough of it.

Protein is made up of building blocks called amino acids. Our body needs 21 different amino acids, but only makes 12. So we need to give our body the other 9. Those 9 are called “essential amino acids.”


Complete proteins are ideal proteins.


If you eat a variety of foods that have protein, you’re probably getting all the amino acids your body needs. But an easier way to get them is from “complete proteins”. Complete proteins have all 9 amino acids our body needs.

And guess what one of the best complete proteins is. That’s right: milk!

it’s got it all.

Many dairy foods have protein, but milk has some of the highest-quality, complete protein you can find and is perfect for after a workout. Here’s why:


    Milk has two complete proteins with different benefits: casein and whey. Casein helps delay muscle breakdown, while whey helps support muscle building during workout recovery.


    BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) are amino acids found in milk that that help support protein synthesis in muscles post-exercise.


    When you sweat, you lose electrolytes. There are electrolytes in milk like potassium, calcium and phosphorous that help bring your electrolytes back into balance post workout.

The benefits of Core Power.

Core Power protein comes from ultra-filtered milk, which gives you the high-quality, complete protein you need to maximize your recovery and encourage muscle growth post-exercise.

Core Power protein shakes also contain the calcium, vitamin D, and electrolytes your body needs.

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