Winning is all about recovery.

Simone Biles is used to winning. A lot.

In the 2016 Rio Olympics, she won 4 gold medals and a bronze for the USA gymnastics team, stepping into the spotlight as an international superstar. This year, she’s busy gearing up for the next Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

She’s the only woman to win 5 World Championship all-around titles, has 4 signature moves named after her, is the most decorated gymnast in history at age 23, and has 1 preferred recovery protein shake: Core Power.

“All of my success comes from focusing on things that matter. And to me, recovery is one of the things that matters most.”

When Simone pushes her body to the limit, she relies on Core Power to give her the high-quality, complete protein her muscles need to recover, rebuild and repeat.

“Training for the Olympics is something that never stops. I use Core Power to help my muscles recover because tomorrow’s workout is just as important as today’s.”

Because no matter how many medals you bring home, no matter how many championships you win, no matter how hard you push your body… what really matters is what you do next.

Simone Biles’s top 5 tips for workout recovery


    “Protein right after a workout is where it’s at, and Core Power has lots. It also tastes great and I don’t need to blend or shake it. Just grab and go.”


    “Besides my eating habits, sleep is my #1 thing. It does wonders for my muscles and my mind.”


    “I always make sure I’ve got enough protein in my diet so my muscles can recover and try to spread it out over meals and snacks.”


    “Massages are great for your muscles, and they’re also suuuuper relaxing. I usually fall asleep!”


    “Muscle cramps are the worst, so I bring a water bottle with me everywhere I go, so I stay totally hydrated.”







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