fairlife story


We Grow Our Own Crops

Our family farms employ modern, proven farming practices that have strong scientific validation and that allow us to responsibly utilize the potential of our land.

We Make Our cows Feed

Our harvests are carefully mixed to create a well balanced diet for our cows, to ensure that every cow is getting the right amount of nutrition in every bite.

We Fill Our Own Trucks

Each dairy farm completely fills a tanker truck with milk before it is sent off to be cold filtered. We don’t co-mingle our milk, which means we can trace our milk back to the farms from which it came.

We Ultra-Filter Our Own Milk

Our one-of-a-kind cold filtration gives you more protein, calcium and minerals than regular milk and is done in-house at our state of the art plant in Coopersville, Michigan.

We Put It In Our Own Bottles

From the design of our unique packaging to the filling of our bottles to the delivery to your store, rest assured that each moment in the life of every delicious bottle of fairlife® ultra-filtered milk has been under our careful watch.