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Animal Care

It’s All About Her

Our co-founder Mike McCloskey started his career as a cow veterinarian before turning to dairy farming, and under his care and guidance, we know that nothing is as important to us as the health and well-being of our animals. Our world revolves around making sure that our cows are fed well, treated humanely and live in comfortable, stress-free conditions.

SpoiLed from the Very Start

Newborn calves are visually monitored daily and are given immediate and proper medical treatment should they become ill.

Comfortable at All Times

She and her friends have comfortable beds and freestanding stalls, allowing them to walk freely while being protected from harsh weather. In the winter we keep wind and the elements out of their living areas by closing the curtained sidewalls of the barns. Cows love to stay cool, so in the warm summer months we use fans to maintain a 7 mph breeze over the feed manger and over the cows’ beds. We also spray our cows’ skin with water many times a day in order to keep their body temperature down.

Always in Good Hands

We spend a significant amount of time training all of our employees not only in proper animal husbandry but also indoctrinating them as to why we will accept nothing less than the utmost care, respect and humane treatment of our cows.