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October 09, 2017 | fairlife Featured News

Meet the fairlife Farmers: Steve Bos

Meet Steve Bos, third generation dairy farmer!

Steve’s grandfather started dairy farming in the 1930s in California in the Long Beach area, then later moved his operation inland to Riverside County. Steve grew up in the Dairy Valley of Chino. In 1991, his father moved his dairy operation to El Paso, Texas. Steve became a partner, then moved to Indiana to start his own dairy in 1999.

At his dairy Steve oversees the whole operation, from farming and equipment to the cows and farmers. For him, it’s important to touch base with all management personnel, hear what they have planned, and give encouragement and insight when needed.

“Farmers are real,” Steve says. “We don’t do what we do because we want to be rich or famous. We do it because we believe in our products. We love what we do. And because of that, we make products for people that they can enjoy and trust.”

We’re proud to have Steve as part of the fairlife family!