A Day At The Races: The Todd Gilliland Interview & Workout

Many 13 year olds like to race cars on their Xbox, but for 13 year old Todd Gilliland, nothing beats the real thing, especially when he’s lapping the competition.


13 year old Todd Gilliland made his Late Model Stock debut recently at Ace Speedway in Altamahaw, N.C., scoring a second-place finish. This was Todd’s first race in big-bodied stock cars after several years of success in quarter-midgets.

Todd’s impressive debut, in what you may call ‘the family business’, has the racing world abuzz, because Todd is the son of Sprint Cup driver David Gilliland (himself the son of Cup and Winston West driver Butch Gilliland). Todd is the third generation of Gillilands that has set out to blaze a trail on the racing circuit.

Core Power caught up with Todd as he prepares for his Indy CRA racing debut at the Lucas Oil Raceway on Friday July 25th.



Core Power: Hi Todd, I’m sure you hear this question a lot, but just how did you get started in motorsports?

Todd Gilliland: When I was a lot younger my dad got an old Barbie car and painted it black. I just drove it in circles in our backyard. Then we got an old quarter midget that we drove around in the field across the street. Then on my fifth birthday I raced my first quarter midget race.


CP: Wow, 5 years old! When did you know you wanted to go pro and how old were you?

TG: Probably when I was nine. There’s no place I would rather be than on the race track.


CP: It must take a lot of focus to stay at the top of your game. What’s your daily fitness routine/diet?

TG: I eat a very healthy diet and that has helped me a lot. I also lift weights two times a week.


CP: How do you and your teammates work together to train and keep in shape to stay competitive?

TG: Right now we’re all training for a biathlon. One of my teammates is a better swimmer than me, and it makes me work harder!


Under the hood: The pit crew boss making some final adjustments.

CP: How long do you take off after races, and in the off season?

TG: Our off season is about two months and the time we take off after races depends on the racing schedule.


CP: What are your dearest causes and charities?

TG: I want to get involved with the wounded warrior project. We should all be thankful to our troops for the sacrifices they make for our freedom.


CP: Can you give us a quick workout that your fans can include in their routine?

TG: Sure, here’s a workout that I do to keep me fit and ready for race day:


Todd’s Race Day WOW

Three rounds- one minute each exercise. 



Thanks Todd and best of luck on Friday!​

Watch Todd compete at the Lucas Oil Raceway on Friday July 25th.

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