Monkeying Around: The Monkey Bars Workout

Unleash your inner beast with this Monkey Bars WOW. By Spartan Spencer I make it a practice to train using obstacles that I’m sure to encounter in obstacle course racing, like rope climbing, bear crawling,…


Superfood Spotlight: Turkey

Turkey is popular during the holidays. Take advantage of this superfood and get your protein fix. Let’s talk turkey. Even though this bird can’t fly, turkey is a superfood that will put the wind beneath…


Strong Motivation WOW

Everyone needs motivation to stick with their fitness plans. So we caught up with a man that knows a thing or two about fitness motivation, 2014 Muscle & Fitness Model Search Champion Mr Phillip Blow, and asked him to share his…


Arms Race: Sculpt Your Arms

Always wanted amazing ‘guns’ but didn’t know where to start? Fitness coach Carol Whitaker takes us through her favorite arm sculpting WOW. Arms WOW By Carol Whitaker There’s nothing sexier than having toned, sculpted arms….


15 Minutes to Fitness

Pressed for time? We’ll that’s no excuse to skip your daily workout! Check out this 15 Minute Fitness Circuit by trainer Katie @SheRocksFitness  She Rocks Quick Circuit  By Katie Uhran   I love cardio! Whether…