Say Yes to Drugs?

Going for a run, please pass the Tylenol. Here ya go. Thank you very much. Wait, what? A new study suggests that cyclists perform about 2% better when they’re popping “The Nol.” “The riders were…


Healthy Lunch Revolution

If you’re an adult and you work, it’s easy to grab a sandwich, a burger, or a couple of slices of pizza for lunch.  As you know, it often takes a lot more time and…


Meet AHM Athlete Peter Tuazon

Meet Peter Tuazon of Portland, Oregon. “The photo was taken at Rooster Rock at the Columbia Gorge area (20 miles east of Portland). It is not bolted so hence we have to put protection all…



Run and Relax

Miguel’s Training Tips You’re about five minutes into your run when you pass the CVS where you always look down at your watch and this time you notice you’re thirty seconds behind your normal pace. …


Win an Ipod!

Welcome Indy 100 peeps! We are delighted to have you aboard and hope you will take advantage of our high protein, natural, lactose-free recovery drink. But more than keeping you posted on our products, we…