New Year New You Workout

Are you craving a New Year, New You Workout?  One that will help you sweat all the holiday festivities OUT? Well look no further, I have a fabulous workout for you to tackle this New Year. It requires minimal equipment and will leave you in a full out sweaty mess.

New Year New You Total Workout – By Katie Uhran

Total Time: 1 Hour

Equipment Needed: Treadmill and Stability Ball.

Tips: When performing the 5 minutes of cardio, make sure you are challenging yourself. Get your heart rate up, by adding hills, sprints, or even the side shuffle. You can always do the cardio on a stationary bike, rowing machine, stepmill, or do it outside. Do whatever works for YOU!

5 Minutes Cardio

Perform 3 Rounds + Rest 1-Minute between each round
15 Squat Jumps
15 Push-Ups
15 V-Ups
5 Minutes of Cardio

Perform 3 Rounds + Rest 1-Minute between each round
1-Minute Squats
1-Minute Step-Ups on each leg (no alternating)
1-Minute Plank (feel free to add your own variation if you need the extra challenge)
5 Minutes of Cardio
Perform 3 Rounds + Rest 1-Minute between each round (See videos if you have questions about these moves)

20 Leg Curls with Stability Ball
20 Knee Tucks with Stability Ball
20 She ROCKS Core Move on each leg
5 Minutes of Cardio

Drink a Core Power high protein shake soon after to help replenish those hungry muscles!

This is a great workout that I not only do myself, but I also made my fabulous client in NJ do while I was back home for the holidays. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me. I love hearing from you!

Katie Uhran is an enthusiastic Core Power fan and user. Along with being a contributor to the fairlife team, she’s a #FitFluential Ambassador, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, runner, yogi, strength trainer and LOVES the outdoors! For more on Katie, visit her website and her YouTube Channel, and follow her on twitterFacebook and Instagram. She’s all over the place!

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