Med Ball WOW #2

By Spartan Spencer

Med Ball WOW #2

Medicine balls are a great, inexpensive piece of equipment that can help in giving you a total body workout. Here is one way to incorporate a medicine ball into your workout whether in the gym, in your living room, or outside on a sunny day.

med ball wow 2 flat
Start by performing 10 medicine ball push-ups with your hands on the medicine ball. These will feel similar to performing close-hand or diamond push-ups. Pick the ball up and hold it towards the top of your chest while performing 15 squats. Now drop the ball to the floor, put one foot on the ground, and the other touching the ball with your toes. Jump and simultaneously switch your feet. Keep this going for 20 reps as fast as you can to make the push-ups and squats more challenging. Repeat this sequence 5 times, and then grab yourself a Core Power high protein shake to lock in your hard earned gains!

Spencer’s Bio

I ran my first Spartan Race in August 2012. At the time I was an obsessive smoker (legal & illegal), but all of a sudden this one race changed everything. By January 2013 I had quit smoking and started training in a gym, running in the woods, and being more aware of what I was eating. In 2013 I took on the Boston Sprint, Tri-State Super, and Vermont Beast to earn my Spartan Trifecta. In 2014 I ran in 20 Spartan Races, receiving 4 Trifectas.

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