LOVE Yourself This Month by Practicing These Self-Care Tips

Katie Uhran

By Katie Uhran, ACKTIVE LIFE

We are in the dead of winter, and this time of year can be a little tough on our minds and bodies. The lack of vitamin D can get us a little down, and we can get lackadaisical with workouts and eats. Thus it is always good this time of the year to practice self-care. Here are a few of the ways that help me stay healthy, happy, nourished, and focused during the cold, dreary winter months.

  • Disconnect from ALL Devices for ONE FULL Day – I have recently started practicing this, and it feels fabulous! Each weekend, I stop posting to ALL my social media channels and just enjoy the time off from the hustle and bustle of work. It feels good to disconnect – not to scroll through the feed, comment, or worry about posting. We all need a break, and unplugging ourselves from our devices allows us to focus on the more important things. Every time I take a break, I feel motivated, excited, and ready to tackle the new week.
  • Get Outside More Often – Wherever you may live, make some time to get outside to move your body! Soak up the vitamin D and enjoy that fresh air on a long run, bike ride, or walk. I make it a point to walk the dogs everyday for at least 15-30 minutes, no excuses. I leave my phone at home, bundle up, and enjoy the peace and quiet. I know that the dogs enjoy it too. So grab your pup or a friend and move your body OUTSIDE. You will feel healthier, more focused, and happier!
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  • Try Something NEW – It is so easy to get stuck into a routine, not only when trying to live a healthy and active lifestyle, but also with a professional and social lives. I suggest you try something NEW to spice things up. If your gym has a pool, maybe add in some swim workouts. Purchase a slow cooker this winter and try a new recipe to cook each week. Follow my Pinterest board and you can find plenty of inspiration. Need to spice up your social life? Why not join a local running group or sign up for a cooking class? It’s always fun to get out of our comfort zones and try something new. You may like it or you may not, but at least you tried.
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  • Turn Off the TV and Read – I used to lay in bed and watch up to almost two hours of TV each night. It definitely disrupted my sleep, and I wasn’t even watching good TV. I decided to nip that in the butt and start reading more. I love going to the library, getting book recommendations from friends and clients, and flipping those pages. Some nights it is 5 pages and other nights it is 50, but it is nice, healthy, and relaxing routine to practice each night.
  • Always Replenish Your Body After a Workout with CORE POWER – ALWAYS remember to nourish your body after a hard workout! It is SO IMPORTANT to replenish those muscles with the proper nutrition, and you can never go wrong with a bottle of Core Power. So after you sweat it out, drink up and ENJOY!
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