An Interview With Olympic Hopeful Jordie Karlinski

We met with Winter Olympic hopeful, Gluten Free eater, and Core Power athlete, Jordie Karlinski to talk about her preparations for Sochi and her favorite Core Power recipes!



Core Power Protein Shake & Gluten Free Athlete Jordie Karlinski interview.

Core Power: Hi Jordie, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. The life of an Olympic hopeful must be very intense, all that training and dieting. Can you describe your daily fitness routine and how you prepare for your Olympic Trials?

Jordie Karlinski: I’m preparing by being on snow and in the terrain park as much as I can. I train almost every day. The US Team puts on great camps for its athletes before an event. Last week we had a camp in Breckenridge, Co where we had the privilege of having snowmobile laps up the slopestyle course. This was quite helpful as we didn’t have to take the chairlift or wait in lift lines. We got to hit the jumps faster than a normal lap, and this helps us train better!

My daily fitness routine is: after a day on the snow I usually go to the gym and bike for 20-30 minutes. Then I do core and back exercises and stretch with a foam roller to roll out any sore spots. Biking after a hard day on snow helps my body recover better and faster (helped by a Core Power High Protein shake!).

As far as my diet goes, I incorporate vegetables and protein at every meal. I follow a gluten free diet, so I usually start the day off with eggs and veggies, gluten free toast, or oatmeal/yogurt with fruit. Lunch is either a big salad with chicken, yogurt and oats, or eggs with veggies. For dinner I like to make a big stir fry with rice, lots of veggies, and a protein. Or rice pasta with sauce. For snacks, I like squeezable nut butters, apples, and my Core Power high protein shakes.



 Core Power Protein Shake & Gluten Free Athlete Jordie Karlinski interview.

Core Power: What’s your plan for making it to the Sochi half pipe? What do you need to do to get there?

Jordie Karlinski: My plan to make the US Olympic Slopestyle Team is to be consistent. I need to land my runs every time, but also push myself a little past my comfort zone to make sure I get a spot. For Slopestyle, there are a max of four spots for American girls, so I need to be at least in the top four overall.

Core Power: How does the selection process work?

Jordie Karlinski: The selection process is based on a point system. The top finishing American at an event gets 1000 points, 2nd gets 800, 3rd 600, etc. We have a total of 5 qualifying events, and the team ends up taking your best 2 out of 5 results. There are potentially 4 spots for American Slopestyle girls, but it is safer to be in the top 2 overall just in case that we only have 2 or 3 Olympic Team Spots. These Olympic team spots are based on how many American girls are in the top 24 overall World Cup standings.

Core Power: How do you and your team mates work together when training?

Jordie Karlinski: I have two other girls on the US Team who I train with every day. We work great together, help each other out and give feedback. It’s fun to train with them. But not so fun to compete against them!

Core Power: We loved your Core Power and spinach smoothie, any other cool Core Power recipes you can share with us?

Jordie Karlinski: I love experimenting with smoothies! My favorite Core Power flavors to add to smoothies are Chocolate and Vanilla. (See Jordie’s Core Power & Spinach smoothie here).

Core Power: How did you get started in snowboarding?

Jordie Karlinski: I got started in snowboarding when I was 7 years old on Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen. My whole family already knew how to ski, so my parents thought it would be a cool thing for me and my two older siblings to try snowboarding because they were learning themselves as well. I was enrolled in Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club (AVSC), and had great instructors and later on coaches that pushed me.

Core Power: When did you know you wanted to go pro?

Jordie Karlinski: I knew I wanted to go pro when I started doing really well at national level events when I was in 8th and 9th grade. I had so much fun, always traveling and meeting new people. I loved the community and the way snowboarding made me feel.

Core Power: What’s your favorite place on earth for snowboarding? What’s your favorite place on earth, in general?

Jordie Karlinski: I love Aspen Highlands for snowboarding. It has great terrain, steep, and it usually isn’t crowded. I really like New Zealand for its beauty and Croatia for its amazing waters and good food!

Core Power: What do you do when you’re not on the mountain?

Jordie Karlinski: When I’m not on the mountain I’m either at the gym, or just chilling. My team and coach are great, and it’s fun to hang out with everyone. Or I’m trying to finish college!

Core Power: What’s your favorite summer activity?

Jordie Karlinski: I love fly fishing, hiking, road biking, trail running, swimming…anything outdoors!

Core Power: How long do you take off after major events, or in the off season?

Jordie Karlinski: There isn’t a lot of time off after major events in the winter. Right now, we have three qualifiers all within 10 days…that’s a lot! It has been a busy season already. It will slow down after February, but the season isn’t over until April. The off season for me is about 3 months in May-July and then in September and October. We will ride down in New Zealand in August and start the season up again in November. But the off season is never really an off season…always working on my strength and flexibility!

Core Power: Can you give us a quick 15 minute workout that your Core Power fans can include in their routine?

Jordie Karlinski: This is one you can do in your hotel room or at home.

<strong>Jordie Karlinski's 15 Minute Workout</strong>

Jordie Karlinski's 15 Minute Workout

Thanks Jordie, best of luck, we’re all rooting for you!

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