How to Enjoy a Healthy and Happy Holiday Season

Katie Uhran

By Katie Uhran, ACKTIVE LIFE

Instead of going into the holiday season with feelings of stress, panic, and frustration when it comes to eating and exercising, why not go into it with a positive, happy, and HEALTHY attitude? This is a wonderful time of year and you should celebrate… you should be smiling… and you should be enjoying it with the ones you LOVE!


Here are a few of my tips to stay HAPPY and HEALTHY this holiday season:

  • ENJOY the holiday treats that only come out this time of year, but in moderation! It is hard to not eat all the cookies, candies, and cakes that always seem to be everywhere this time of year! You don’t need to eat them just because they are there. Eat them because you want to! Eat them because it makes you happy and you haven’t had Peppermint Bark since last year…HA!
  • Get LOTS of fresh air! Yes, it is cold outside, but fresh air is always good for the mind and body. Grab a friend, family┬ámember, or your dog and just go for a long walk. Whether it is 15 minutes or a 60 minute walk, moving your body on a daily basis is a great way to stay healthy, happy, and motivated.
  • Remember to DISCONNECT! When you are at holiday parties, dinners, or events, try turning your phone off and just leaving it alone for a few hours. It is so refreshing and liberating not to be constantly checking your phone. Make those connections with those around you, by engaging in conversations, making eye contact, and giving friends and family members BIG hugs!
  • Stay ACTIVE! If you feel like you are in a rut or not very motivated this time of year, switch things up! Try signing up for new classes. If you are traveling, check out local studios and sign up for a yoga class, kickboxing, or even swim laps at the local Y. And check out Groupon or other deal sites to see if you can get some good deals too. Staying active during this time of year will help you stay happy, healthy, and prevent you from gaining any extra pounds, if you really are enjoying that Peppermint Bark a little too much!


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