Bodyweight WOW

Spring is here and it’s getting warm outside, time for one of my favorite bodyweight workouts that targets all your muscle groups. This is a great workout to do indoors or outdoors, no equipment necessary.

She Rocks Fitness SRS Bodyweight WOW


Warm-Up: 10 Minute Run (only do once)

15 Burpees
25 Static Lunges Each Leg
Rest 30-45 Seconds

25 Push-Ups
25 Squats
Rest 30-45 Seconds

15 Jump Squats
25 V-Ups
Rest 30-45 Seconds

Repeat Circuit 3 Times
Rest 2 Minutes Between Each Round
Total Time: 30 Minutes

Don’t forget to refuel with a cold Core Power high protein milkshake right after your workout. You’ll get your protein boost right when your muscles need it most!

Katie Uhran is an enthusiastic Core Power fan and user. Along with being a contributor to the fairlife team, she’s a #FitFluential Ambassador, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, runner, yogi, strength trainer and LOVES the outdoors! For more on Katie, visit her website and her YouTube Channel, and follow her on twitterFacebook and Instagram. She’s all over the place!

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