Bodyweight WOW

Spring is here and it’s getting warm outside, time for one of my favorite bodyweight workouts that targets all your muscle groups. This is a great workout to do indoors or outdoors, no equipment necessary….


Raspberries: Superfood for Athletes

Looking for a refreshing superfood this Spring? Look no further than the humble raspberry. These berries pack a big nutritional punch in a very small package. Raspberries:  A Superfood I hate to play favorites when…


Tuck Jump WOW

Looking for a workout that will boost your agility and power, as well as help increase your vertical jump? Look no further than this Tuck Jump Workout by ORC trainer Spartan Spencer. Tuck Jump WOW…


Medicine Ball WOW

Mad for the Med Ball If you’re looking to mix things up with your training this spring, skip the gym machines in favor of a medicine ball. Your workout will be simpler and harder at…


Rope Climbing WOW

Have you signed up for an obstacle race this summer and are worried about the rope climb? We asked our obstacle race expert for his best tips on beating the rope in your next race!…