Meet AHM Athlete: Jake Hackl

Meet Jake Hackl of Minneapolis, MN. He completed our survey and won a one-month supply of Athletes Honey Milk! “This picture was taken from my summer mountain biking trip through the San Juan mountains. Over…


Meet AHM Athlete: Krys Theilen

Meet Krys Theilen of San Antonio, Texas “I’m a runner. I’m a lot of other things too but runner seems to consistently rank number one on my list. Since moving to San Antonio, TX a…


Meet AHM Athlete: Aaron Wade

Meet Aaron Wade of Dallas, Texas “My name is Aaron Wade and I’m from Little Rock, AR. ¬†Currently, I live in Dallas, TX. ¬†And no, I do not wear big belt buckles, spurs and cowboy…


Meet AHM Athlete Peter Tuazon

Meet Peter Tuazon of Portland, Oregon. “The photo was taken at Rooster Rock at the Columbia Gorge area (20 miles east of Portland). It is not bolted so hence we have to put protection all…