We Have 5 Winners!

Our 10K Facebook Fans celebration got such an amazing response that we’ve selected 5 winners among all the comments posted. Thank you all for your great comments, you’re all winners in our eyes!

5 Official Core Power Track Jackets Will Soon Be On Their Way To The Five Core Power Fans Below.

Ruth Johnson Alexander: I just nom-nom Core Power down while my husband drinks his swill protein complaining about the crud on the bottom. I sit and smile drinking my sweet Core Power.

Jane Murray: We write workout/pace miles on the bottom of the Core Power bottles and on days we don’t know what to do we pick a bottle and do that workout! After, we drink it to validate the work.

Lisa Brandt: My favorite Core Power moment was after a long hot day of riding during RAGBRAI. We walked into one of the overnight towns and found a Core Power contest. I was so excited to see my new favorite protein drink. We did the hula hoop contest to win a bottle. It was the most satisfying and refreshing. An oasis in the desert!

Heather Garrett: Success = that moment when you open the seal of your Core Power on the first try. It took me a while to get there but after many workouts, jogs/runs, and taking a core power afterwards I finally did it. Yes, I measure my results in lid openings lol.

Bubba Dunn:  I enjoy my Core Power as I ride down the street in my small hometown in my electric wheelchair relaxing knowing that I will have the protein I need for the day. I don’t use it for a workout performance drink, it just makes my life better.

If your name is among the five winners, please send us a DM or e-mail us at [email protected] with your jacket size. They come in size M, L, XL & 2XL.

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